The Rotterdam Cycling Festival is the prelude to a new Tour start (Grand Départ) and the coming to town of the women’s tour (Tour de France Femmes avec Zwift). The two-day event 1 and 2 July 2023 is intended to promote cycling in Rotterdam: More cycling and road racing (both elite and recreational sport) equals more healthy exercise./strong>

The diverse program is accessible to everyone. For example, it features: L’Étape Rotterdam by Tour de France. Expect plenty of entertainment, various tours and a new women’s criterium and the Wendy & Leontien Ladies Ride.The Rotterdam Cycling Festival has everything it takes to become the biggest cycling festival in the Netherlands.

Festival location: RWC Ahoy, Landscheiding 101 Rotterdam
(along the N209, Airport Rotterdam)


L’Étape Rotterdam by Tour de France Cyclo

In the run-up to hopefully hosting the Grand Départ, the port city is working with Tour de France to organise L’Étape Rotterdam by Tour de France. This is a cyclosportive with timekeeping on a closed course for the ultimate Tour de France feeling. This year, editions of L’Étape by Tour de France are scheduled in fourteen countries around the world. 


L’Étape Rotterdam Charity Rides

The well-known Tour de Rotterdam fundraising tours are now called L’Étape Rotterdam by Tour de France Charity Rides. The theme of the coming edition is Don’t Give Cancer a Chance! Fighting together for better cancer treatments. The goal is to give every patient the right medicine, in the correct dose, at the right time and for the suitable duration for maximum results. Because every person is different.
There are charity rides in five distances; 25 km, 45 km, 80 km, 105 km and 125 km. It is also possible to participate in the Pelotonstocht. This tour of 120 kilometres starts and finishes at RWC Ahoy along the runway of Rotterdam The Hague Airport.

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Wendy & Leontien Ladies Ride

The Wendy & Leontien Ladies Ride will take place on Sunday, 2 July. This bike ride put on by and hosted by Leontien van Moorsel and Wendy van Dijk is a variant of the well-known Leontien Ladies Ride, where thousands of women participated in the initiative of the former world and Olympic champion. There are routes of 25, 45 and 80 kilometres. Wendy and Leontien will also be present.

Rotterdam Cycling Women's Criterium

When it comes to promoting cycling, Rotterdam gives everyone a chance. Not only do we pay attention to men’s cycling and youth cycling, but also to women’s cycling.

On Sunday, 2 July, we will hold a criterium for women at the RWC Ahoy cycling club location. This is a major step in keeping with the growing attention to women’s cycling that can also help us when it comes to the talent development of women and girls in cycling. It promises to be a magnificent event and is an excellent first step towards our goal of bringing the Tour de France Femmes by Zwift to Rotterdam.

Tour of Katendrecht

The Ronde van Katendrecht is the cycling festival where culture and sport come together. The programme offers live music, theatre and children’s attractions. The races featuring the Fixed Gear riders on Saturday and world-famous former professional cyclists promise to be spectacular. The various fun races at all levels, from fat tire races to amateur competitions, are open to everyone.


Tour de France café and museum

Visit the Tour de France café to follow the stages of the world’s biggest cycling event every day. Come and enjoy a tasty (non-alcoholic) beer or wine/beverage while you can watch the riders finish.

The Tour de France museum brings the history of this world event to life. Delve into the rich history of La Grande Boucle. An experience for every Tour enthusiast.

Together for a healthy future

The Erasmus MC Foundation is the official support fund of Erasmus MC. It’s also the place where all fundraising initiatives of Erasmus MC come together. The foundation supports physicians and researchers in their pursuit of a better outlook for patients and a healthier future for all.

That’s why the foundation raises money to support groundbreaking scientific research and projects to improve patient care and well-being. On 1 December 2019, the foundation received the so-called Erkenning Goed Doel, issued by Centraal Bureau Fondsenwerving (CBF), the Dutch independent regulator for charities.

The Rotterdam Cycling Festival has chosen to enter into a partnership to jointly raise funds for Erasmus MC Foundation projects in the coming years.

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